Let food be thy medicine, thy medicine shall be thy food.- Hippocrates


Life’s experiences can escalate and weigh on you, conceal your intentions for a better life, and lead to dissatisfaction. Along the way of life, you are wounded and make stories around that. Those stories are most often created by a young, vulnerable part of you that had no resources to help you when the wound occurred. Weight gain and couch potato inactivity creep in and you stop paying attention to your body. You may feel out of shape, uninspired and down right depressed. Poor eating habits only further drag you down to the point where you figure “why bother?”.  You become uncomfortable in your own skin. Your body image suffers. You feel unfulfilled at the deepest essence of who you are and your entire life begins to reflect your unhappiness. You begin to feel that you have bad luck or your big boned or better this is your life and can do nothing about it. With poor family history of heart disease, diabetes, obesity and many more ailments, yes this preexist however they can be prevented on an early stage in life. Nature vs Nuture you say? Well the environment definitely has a toll on what you will be eating and exercising and plays a huge role in the way you feel about yourself, it doesn’t have to end there!

I believe that inside of you there is a radiant authentic Self, a whole, unbroken essence—and when you seek, find and acknowledge that, you rediscover self-love and serenity that innately dwells within.

Through clarity of what your body needs and being open to discovering the parts of you involved in your relationship with food, along with mindful eating and experience of initiating action, you will find the peaceful place where every day you feel centered in yourself – clear, thoughtful and aware, fulfilled and accepting of who you are. You can live fully and unconditionally, nourishing your body in a healthy way that nourishes your spirit.

Together on this journey, we will create a sturdy foundation of hope using your rich history and experience in creating change in your relationship with food along with my expertise in understanding the various of emotions involved in that relationship. As a nutrition and health counselor and chef, I hold the space for you of compassion, connection, clarity, and curiosity in your journey. I provide a foundation to empower you to find your path, one that allows you to shift in ways that align with your own authentic truth and deep longings. You have unique qualities that can enhance optimal health and wellness. With support, in steady, small steps, you begin to heal and transform your relationship with food and a healthier you.

Through exploration of triggers and unconscious behaviors, you’ll discover the ability to identify deep-seated patterns that do not align with your internal and conscious goals. You’ll discover your personal desires and establish realistic expectations and goals. We work together in the effort, and as awareness grows, the change you seek begins to happen. I believe in your ability to do this!

Initial Consultation: Our first session is a nutrition assessment. This includes some preparation on your part . We will review medical history, eating patterns and preferences, ethical values, spiritual practices, and discussing your particular nutrition needs.

It’s deeply and inherently important to prioritize four aspects in your life in this order:

  • Nutrition
  • Sleep
  • Joyful movement
  • Stress management / mindfulness

You’ll be introduced to the parts of you involved in your relationship with food, including emotional and stress eating. Then we continue to develop relationships with these parts to bring healing energy to them. In doing so, you can experience a shift and transform around food and body. Dependent on your needs, we may touch on food choices your body requires for optimal healing, meal planning, grocery shopping, updating your nutrition knowledge database, reviewing food records, and how to handle eating out. We may check in with your sleep hygiene and joyful movement, chat about anti-inflammatory dietary patterns to heal your body, and list self care techniques to calm your nervous system. We may explore elimination protocols for Irritable Bowel Syndrome and other digestive issues. We’ll always end with an action plan.

Follow-up Sessions: We’ll review your progress based on goals and objectives that feel right to you, update your plan as needed, and brainstorm barriers and resistance to moving forward. Lifestyle events occur, like business travel, vacations, holiday meals, and office party birthday cake and we’ll explore internal reactions to making space for these in your plan. We may review food records and meal plans, revise nutrient intake that reflect weight change, and ideas for making your kitchen friendlier and easier to work in.

  • Binge eating / compulsive overeating, emotional eating, bulimia, and food addiction
  • Digestive health (FODMAPS elimination protocol for irritable bowel syndrome [IBS]; Crohn's disease; ulcerative colitis; gluten sensitivity, Small Intestinal Bowel Overgrowth [SIBO]; GERD/reflux)
  • Vegetarian and vegan lifestyle transitions
  • Eating with intuition and purpose
  • Individualized nutrition plans for empowered living and intentional eating for all other conditions
  • Support
  • Strong, structured strategies
  • Intentional thought, action and behavior changes
  • Action plans
  • Accountability
  • Clarity around goals and achievement

As you can see, a personal life goal that includes food choices that give you drive, spunk, power to reclaim your greatness, along with a physical activity practice that invigorates and allows you to thrive, soar, and roar, plus stress-reduction techniques that fill you with exuberance, vivaciousness and sparkly sensations is a bit easier to attain that you thought.

Become a master of behavioral change!

You and me? We become collaborators to partner on this journey toward the change you’d like to see. As your health and wellness counselor I will provide a safe environment for you to see yourself as clearly as I see you. I will listen to you, ask focused questions, acknowledge your gifts and strengths, reflect your fears and doubts, and challenge you to move toward the goals you set.

I may ask you to dive into more intentional thought, action, and behavior changes than you would have asked of yourself. Together, we consistently clarify goals and barriers, reveal results, and identify gaps between where you are and where you want to be.

We’ll create a strong strategy and action plan to move your nutrition, activity and stress management closer to where you’d like to be.



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