Our workshops allow us to have a beautiful safe group setting to discuss and heal various areas of our lives. By sharing our life's journey with one another, we can create a better understanding for humanity and find balance on this beautiful planet we call home. With one another, we can appreciate and love what our lives mean while creating a better world to live in.

Our prices for these classes are $20 per class. Some workshops last 2 - 4 hours depending on the intensity of the subject matter. As needed, we will be changing out classes to bring in different healing courses throughout the year but here is a sample of ones we have done in the past.  Upcoming workshops in the next month or so, are listed below.


Sound Bath

• Cleansing Crystals

• Aromatherapy & Essential Oils

• Meditation

• PTSD Learning to Focus and Ground

• Goddess Workshop

• Couples Adoration

• Strong Warrior

• Farm to Your Table Health Workshop

• Empowerment and Unity in the World

Available Workshops at Ancient Yoga Studio