Ancient yoga studio was created by Chef Denise Portillo who understands the importance of a healthy body, mind and soul. As a health conscious chef, she feels a studio that promotes overall well being is  just as important as eating healthy. Living an organic life and learning to develop balance, encourages positivity in our hectic lives. Through Yoga, Meditation, Reiki energy healing & healthy diet she has helped many people create the whole positive life that we all deserve. Located Whittier California to achieve well balanced healthy life, offering yoga classes near you.

Chef Portillo’s personal journey to balance and grounding is the basis for her creating this wellness center. She found herself being misdiagnosed with panic disorder, agoraphobia, anxiety, low blood pressure, food allergies, emotional allergies and so much more. Every doctors visit continued to make her feel more and more discouraged, so after years of various medications and all of their potential side effects and then having to treat those as well she woke up one morning feeling depressed, unhealthy and just terrible and knew that she had to search for another alternative. Throwing away all of her medication, she began to seek a spiritual path, she began to seek counseling, read books on enlightment, began speaking to other people and reazlied she was not alone. So may had suffred from emptional sickness that began to surface as physical symptoms. She began to look at her family history and how they interacted throughout the years and realized that something had to be done. Planting a garden, meditating, yoga, jogging and making conscious choices to daily be happy became the norm for her until everyone around started to notice a drastic change. As time progressed and she continued on her journey she wanted to create a space where she could help others, she does not discourage modern medicine however encourages preventative care, learning to slow down and take care of yourself. Life is beautiful and meant to be enjoyed, so learning to no longer be trapped inside your mind takes time but it can and will happen. So allow Chef Portillo to assist you on your journey to wellness and a healthier you.


Nutrition for Optimal Health, Wellness, and Sports                Loyal Marymount

Health Coach                                                                           Integrative Nutrition

Reiki Master

Executive Chef                                                                        Le Cordon Bleu