Reiki energy healing

60 MINUTES $75




A relaxing 60 minute energy healing that aligns your chakras and restores balance back into your body, mind and soul.


Reiki Crystal Healing

60 MINUTES $95 • 90 MINUTES $135

A relaxing crystal infused reiki energy healing, the various crystals aid in infusing their powerful healing alongside with the dynamic energy of the reiki master. This intense and powerful healing will leave you feeling energized, revitalized, balanced and grounded.

Spiritual Readings

60 MINUTES $75 • 90 MINUTES $125

Nutrition & Health Coach

1 month $135 • 3 Months $115(per month)

At various times in our lives we need to know that our spirit guides our with us to guide us on our right path. Through this beautiful reading you will get answers to questions you may keep asking yourself.

A dedicated health coach that personalizes your eating habits to coincide with your particular lifestyle with an emphasis on your emotional, spiritual and physical well being. Within this program you will learn about what is right for you, what to purchase, recipes and making the best food decisions to ensure you have the healthiest you.

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